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Kerry’s Israeli-Palestinian Adventure: A Bridge to Far?

Secretary of State John Kerry is wading into the no-man’s land otherwise known as the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process. Long the scourge of many diplomats, we shouldn’t be surprised that Kerry has chosen to attempt to solve the seven decades long conflict. (In Vietnam, he could have easily taken a cushy job, but he volunteered to […]

The End of Tunisia’s Flirtation with Democracy?

Recent developments across the Middle East, particularly North Africa, call into question the viability of the nascent movement for democracy that has been called the Arab Spring. In Tunisia, we’ve seen the Ennahda move from being a supposed voice of moderation to supporting policies that will effectively turn the country into an Islamist state. In […]

Limited Strikes: Another Bad Idea on Syria

“Unified limited action to support insurgents is the best hope of showing Assad that he can’t succeed,”Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), chairperson of the Senate Armed Services committee, said yesterday during an address at the Carnegie Endowment for Peace. Levin went further to say that he didn’t believe that US planes over Syrian airspace would be […]

Popular Coup Stymies Democracy in Egypt

The Egyptian path to democracy has been stymied by a people power backed military coup. Nothing good usually comes from the forceful removal of a democratically elected government, not matter how bad they are governing. Until July 3rd, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood had been a model for remaining patient and not resorting to violence to […]

Iran’s Gambit In Syria

Originally posted in In a June 11 report in the Washington Post, journalist Liz Sly writes that the Islamic Republic of Iran is “emerging as the biggest victor in the wider regional struggle for influence that the Syrian conflict has become” and that “the regional balance of power appears to be tilting in […]

Things to Watch

What role will the Syrian conflict play in P5+1 negotiation with Iran? There’s obviously a lot of positive sentiment surrounding Rouhani and his ability, once he’s sworn in as president of Iran, to be more amenable to negotiating with the P5+1. However, the challenge that he and the rest of the Iranian government faces in Syria could threaten negotiations.  Look […]

Egypt Burning…Again

On Sunday, Egyptians took to the streets to protest Mohamed Morsi’s year long tenure as president of Egypt. This was the second time in a little over two years that nationwide anti-government protests threatened to overthrow the government. The Egyptian military has called on the government to respond to the demands of people within 48 […]

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