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Roger Cohen talks Memoir, Middle East Issues

What started out as a talk about his book turned into a conversation about Roger Cohen’s perspectives on the Middle East. Cohen, a New York Times columnist, was presenting his new memoir titled “The Girl from Human Street” at an event hosted by the Carnegie Endowment for Peace in Washington, DC. He described his book […]

Nicola Pedde on Domestic Politics in Iran

According to Nicola Pedde, Director of the Institute for Global Studies in Rome, the categories we use to describe Iranian domestic politics aren’t enough. Iran, Pedde claims, is vastly different than what it was in 1980s. Pedde was speaking at an event on Thursday, hosted by the Woodrow Wilson Center, entitled Iranian Domestic Politics and […]

Tom Cotton Goes All-In on Failed Neo-Con Policies

Yesterday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said, we should “cease all appeasement, conciliation, and concessions toward Iran, starting with these sham nuclear negotiations.” He insisted on a return to neo-conservative policies when handling Iran, while speaking at the Heritage Foundation’s 2015 Conservative Policy Summit. I guess he forgot where that policy got us. Just over a […]

Americans Ready to Confront ISIS, Opens Door for Iran Negotiations

The American public is becoming more willing to entertain a confrontation with ISIS, a recent poll suggests. But it could, also, provide Obama with breathing room in an effort to finalize an agreement with Iran. The poll’s author, Shibley Telhami, the Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland, presented polling […]

Je Suis Charlie

As the last hour of January 7th, 2015 fast approaches, today won’t be remembered for the frigid temperatures in DC, or whatever nonsense Mitch McConnell said about helping the economy. Today will be remembered just as any horrific day will be remembered. We’ll remember that 12 human beings were senselessly slaughtered. 10 journalist who were courageous […]

Afghanistan as a Narco State

Afghan Opium Production Report Over the Holidays my friend visited from Kentucky. Normally, his visits aren’t something that would lead to a conversation about Afghanistan, but before his flight departed Louisville, he purchased the most recent edition of Rolling Stone. When he arrived he told me, “I’m going to leave this here for you. There’s […]

Rouhani’s Referendum

On Sunday, President Hassan Rouhani suggested he might employ the constitutionally sound tactic of calling for a referendum on important issues. Rouhani didn’t specifically say which issues would be put to referendum, but as Meir Javadanfar says, “it’s safe to assume he was talking about the nuclear program.” Clearly, nuclear negotiations with the P5+1 are at […]

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