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Roger Cohen talks Memoir, Middle East Issues

What started out as a talk about his book turned into a conversation about Roger Cohen’s perspectives on the Middle East. Cohen, a New York Times columnist, was presenting his new memoir titled “The Girl from Human Street” at an event hosted by the Carnegie Endowment for Peace in Washington, DC. He described his book […]

Is the True Nature of the Battle in Syria Being Discussed?

Over the past week we’ve heard much about the battle raging in Syria, the use of chemical weapons there, and whether or not the US should get involved—although I must say much of that debate is based on two not so sound assumptions: the US is joining on the side of the rebels and whatever […]

The End of Tunisia’s Flirtation with Democracy?

Recent developments across the Middle East, particularly North Africa, call into question the viability of the nascent movement for democracy that has been called the Arab Spring. In Tunisia, we’ve seen the Ennahda move from being a supposed voice of moderation to supporting policies that will effectively turn the country into an Islamist state. In […]

Popular Coup Stymies Democracy in Egypt

The Egyptian path to democracy has been stymied by a people power backed military coup. Nothing good usually comes from the forceful removal of a democratically elected government, not matter how bad they are governing. Until July 3rd, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood had been a model for remaining patient and not resorting to violence to […]

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