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Iranian Hegemony or Strategic Depth?

Iran began its revolution, in part, by promoting its own special brand of Pan-Islamism. Through revolution, led by Iran, the Muslim world would be delivered from the hands of the oppressor, the Great Satan, the United States. That objective has proven easier said than done. But forecasting it in the aftermath of the revolution has […]

Barbs-The Messy Dance

I was going to write about Nagorno-Kharabakh or the centrality of the Kurds to the fight against Daesh. But something a little more lighthearted  caught my attention. There’s a new beat coming out of the Saudi Kingdom. It’s a mix of Middle Eastern sound, late 80’s-early 90’s hip hop, and some clever editing. In the […]

Possible Reasons Behind Saudi Decision

Much has been made of the Saudi’s deciding not to take their seat at the UN Security Council. While it is clear that they have been attempting to take a bigger role in regional leadership (see my previous post), it is unclear if they have a clear strategy on how to do that. The royal […]

Saudi Arabia Refused Seat on UN Security Council

After a concerted effort to obtain a seat on the UN Security Council, Saudi Arabia has declined to accept their new position citing the UNSC inability to solve regional conflicts. This just a few weeks after they decided against speaking at the UN General Assembly. In both cases, it is presumed that Saudi Arabia is […]

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